1st South East European Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems - SEE SDEWES Ohrid 2014

29 June - 3 July, 2014,  Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
The local organizing committee wishes to thank all participants for a very successfull conference!

You can find some of the images in the gallery. Additionally, you can also download plenary lectures' presentations as well as all the presentations from the panels.

Please beware of invitations for publishing from journals not related to the conference! Official invitation will be distributed only from the sdewes conference email, and will have a conference header and an option to accept or decline the invitation.

For all attendees who have submitted a full paper which is included in the proceedings, please cite it as follows:

N1. Surname1, N2. Surname2, other authors, Title, Proceedings of the 1st South East Europe Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, SEESDEWES2014.nnnn, 1-m (2014)
(where "nnnn" is your submission code and "m" is the page count of your submission)

If you attended the conference, make sure you log in into the conference system and fill our post-conference survey.

Transfer by conference shuttle service

The text below applies to the organized transfer from the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP) to the conference venue and back.

When you land, someone will be waiting for you at the airport, look for either your name or a SDEWES sign. Since the airport is not close to the conference venue a limited number of shuttles will be arranged, so you could, if needed, be kindly asked to wait for another group to land.

The transfer service will be organized on the June 29 and July 04 and is available for booking through your SDEWES account website at a price of 50€ for a round trip.

Flights that will be covered:

  • All arrivals on June 29 from 8 am until 1:30 am (30 June)
  • All departures on July 04 from 4:30 am until 21 pm

If there will be a longer period to wait, you will be given all necessary info on where you can wait, buy food, drinks or so. We hope to keep the waiting periods to a minimum.

The number of the seats in the shuttle/cars is planned according to the supplied data and the list will be checked out when boarding the shuttle.

The pick-up will be available ONLY FROM THE SKOPJE AIRPORT, and won't go through the town of Skopje. If you are staying in or visiting Skopje make sure you come to the airport on the supplied/agreed time.

The transfer will go through the city of Ohrid, so if you are staying in Ohrid, make sure you mention this to the driver to drop you off there and not at the conference venue. The pick-up for the departure for the participants staying in Ohrid can be arranged at the conference registration desk. Please, do this at least a day earlier (otherwise you will have to come to the conference venue to board the shuttle).

An email will be dispatched with the above text, also including phone contacts of two LOC members for urgent situations.

More information regarding the transfer options for the other days of the conference will be published soon.

See you there :)

Transfer by TAXI

For those who decide to arrange a taxi ride to Ohrid by themselves, please consult Skopje airport website for more information on their taxi service here.