1st South East European Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems - SEE SDEWES Ohrid 2014

29 June - 3 July, 2014,  Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
The local organizing committee wishes to thank all participants for a very successfull conference!

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Sunday, June 29
1500 - 1900
1930 - 2200
Welcome reception
Monday, June 30
830 - 1000
1000 - 1100
Opening session (ROOM A)
Chair: Prof. Natasha Markovska
  • Prof. Maria da Graça Carvalho, Chair of the SDEWES International Scientific Committee 
  • Dr. Teodora Obradovic Grncarovska, State Counselor on Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
  • Representative of City of Ohrid, tbc
  • Representative of Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Prof. Neven Duic, President of the SDEWES International Center
1100 - 1130
Coffe break
1130 - 1230
1230 - 1330
1330 - 1530
Energy system analysis (ROOM B)
Co-chair(s): Dr. Paweł Gładysz
Renewable energy sources 1 (ROOM C)
Chair: Prof. Jurij Avsec
Co-chair(s): Mr. Boris Ćosić
Water policy and the energy-water interaction (ROOM E)
Chair: Prof. Vladimir Strezov
Co-chair(s): Mr. Stijepo Ljubimir
Food and agriculture (ROOM F)
Chair: Dr. Petar Varbanov
1530 - 1600
Coffe break
1600 - 1730
Tuesday, July 1
900 - 1000
Plenary lecture: Dr. Petar Varbanov (ROOM A)
Chair: Prof. Zvonimir Guzović
1000 - 1030
Coffe break
1030 - 1230
Waste management (ROOM B)
Chair: Prof. Daniel Rolph Schneider
Co-chair(s): Mr. Thomas Phelan
Alternative fuels and energy conversion systems 1 (ROOM C)
Chair: Dr. chang soo kim
Co-chair(s): Prof. Luka Perković
Energy and environment (ROOM D)
Chair: Prof. Andrzej Ziebik
Co-chair(s): Dr. Mirko Stojiljković
Renewable energy sources 2 (ROOM E)
Chair: Prof. Nikola Rajakovic
Co-chair(s): Mr. Tomislav Novosel
Sustainable resource management (ROOM F)
Chair: Prof. Sanja Filipović
Co-chair(s): Ms. Urška Novosel
1230 - 1330
1400 - 2300
Social event


Wednesday, July 2
900 - 1000
Plenary lecture: Prof. Michael Narodoslawsky (ROOM A)
Chair: Prof. Daniel Rolph Schneider
1000 - 1030
Coffe break
1030 - 1230
Energy efficiency (ROOM B)
Chair: Dr. Wojciech Kostowski
Co-chair(s): Mr. Robert Mikulandric
Alternative fuels and energy conversion systems 2 (ROOM C)
Chair: Prof. soo-jeong shin
Co-chair(s): Mr. Goran Gašparović
Socioeconomic dimension (ROOM D)
Chair: Prof. Şiir KILKIŞ
Co-chair(s): Dr. Zvonimir Petranović
Smart energy systems (ROOM E)
Chair: Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov
Co-chair(s): Dr. Verica Taseska-Gjorgievska
1230 - 1330
1330 - 1530
R&D and innovation (ROOM A)
Chair: Prof. Irina Mladenoska
Co-chair(s): Mr. Ilija Sazdovski
Modeling and optimization (ROOM B)
Chair: Dr. Stanislaw Anweiler
Co-chair(s): Dr. Aleksandar Dedinec
Sustainability assessments and metrics (ROOM C)
Chair: Dr. Nicola Cantore
Co-chair(s): Mr. Nikola Šahović
Wastewater treatment (ROOM D)
Chair: Prof. Svetlana Stevovic
Co-chair(s): Mr. Greg McNamara
Low carbon power supply (ROOM E)
Chair: Prof. Meng-Chieh, J. Lee
Co-chair(s): Mr. Kasım Zor
1530 - 1600
Coffe break
1600 - 1730
1730 - 1830
Awards and closure (ROOM A)
Thursday, July 3
900 - 1900
Technical visit